Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slide Shows, Pt. 3

This presentation, for a class about Architecture during the Second World War, concerned two MoMA exhibits: Road to Victory (1942) and Airways to Peace (1943).  I specifically focused on the latter, especially in its relation to the establishment of a American postwar "air age":

This presentation, for the same class, was based on my thesis research at Yale University.  It concerns Erich Mendelsohn's, Konrad Wachsmann's, and Antonin Raymond's "Typical German and Japanese Test Structures" at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah:


Patrick Ciccone said...

Was Wendell Willkie the curator of one or both these shows? I see his name there but am curious to his exact role.

enrique said...

Good question. Willkie wrote the companion essay to Airways to Peace that was included in the exhibition catalogue. He had no involvement in Road to Victory.