Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Herbert Marcuse on Claes Oldenburg

From Perspecta 12 (1969), pp. 75-76.


Dan said...

That's fantastic, in every way.

orhan ayyuce said...

i didn't know about marcuse's comment. thanks.
oldenburg is the most political artist i have ever known, even though i pissed him off years ago about his presentation of swiss army knife to richard koshalek, then the director of moca in los angeles. swiss army knife project, knife ship 1 / il corso (http://www.oldenburgvanbruggen.com/knifeshipi.htm), did some of cut and invade gestures into a navy base in venice italy, but was a dead duck in los angeles, lifelessly sitting on a museum plaza. when i asked "what's the cut in la," it did not go well with claes and the museum director. but there was a silence in the 1500 people audience. oldenburg said "it's art now." but knew himself that was a no no answer. coosje gave me an approval nud though.
god, those were the days i was relentless... circa 80's.
your post just remind me this event. okay, carry on.;.)