Friday, September 14, 2007

Paul Rudolph on Flickr

Flickr member kelviin has posted some lovely images of Paul Rudolph's drawings. Criticized for his neo-brutalist fantasies, one must admit that Rudolph's drawings are absolutely ravishing. To wit:

Original rendering for a concept for the Yale Art and Architecture Building

Rudolph's drawing for the Temple Street Garage

Notice how the top drawing conceived of a building that would dominate the corner of York and Chapel streets. And note how skillfully Rudolph uses different pencil line weights to evoke the building's brushhammered surface. In the bottom drawing, the garage has a completely different relationship with the streets, a fact made more poignant by the fact that the building works better in a less-dense urban fabric.

These drawings are not only a testament to Rudolph's skill, but they are a sad reminder of how much New Haven has changed.


The AP said...

beautiful, but yes, these building do decimate their surroundings a wee bit.

-The Aesthetic Poetic

Norman Blogster said...

Beautiful find!

Norman Blogster said...

Brutalism is best experienced on the page methinks.
Enrique - would you mind emailing me please on norman at partiv dot com? I would like to discuss a couple of things and can't find your email address here. Great piece in the AJ a few weeks ago by the way. Cheers.