Saturday, May 05, 2007

Emotional Atlas

(No, this is not a thread about Giuliana Bruno's wonderful book.) Christian Nold is an artist who, using Google Earth with GPS technologies, creates "emotional" maps of well-known spaces. According to this website:
Bio Mapping is a participatory methodology for people to talk about their immediate environment, locality and communal space. I'm trying to use 3D visualisation as a way of talking about the space. It's not representational. As part of this method I have developed a device, which can be used by lots of people. It consists of a lie detector connected to a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit, which measures your location and your physiological arousal at the same time. By combining the two I can talk about physiological arousal in certain locations. A Galvanic Skin Response sensor in the form of finger cuffs measures the sweat level. Fitted out with this device, people go for a walk and when they return their data is visualised and annotated.
Although these maps are not rendered using GIS software, they nevertheless have the look and feel of a TIN polygon. The above map, for example, from an "emotional map of Greenwich, England", combines real-time emotional data and assigns corresponding colors and shapes to these metrics. The project is fascinating. Like the work of Spain's ecosistema urbano architecture and urbanism collective, Nold's project places a premium on the participatory process.

(via CNN and Bio